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Hip Pain Treatment in Minneapolis-St. Paul

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Dr. Benjamin Britton: DPT, Cert-DN, FGS
Co-owner and Founder of Revival PT

Do You Have Hip Pain That Prevents You From Being Active?

Physical therapy at Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness is the ideal treatment for you if hip pain keeps you from leading an active lifestyle.

You shouldn't have to give up your favorite way of life to solve issues that our staff can assist you with!

If this describes you, relax; you’re at the right spot. We’re happy you’re here and are prepared to offer hip pain treatment and rehabilitation services in Minneapolis-St. Paul. We are aware of the frustration that comes with dealing with hip discomfort.

You haven’t been able to genuinely feel like yourself since the suffering began. This is because you were forced to suspend beloved aspects of your lifestyle. Hip pain shouldn’t prevent you from exercising, participating in sports, or simply keeping up with your children or grandchildren.

You start to feel more and more disheartened as the agony intensifies. Are you going to feel this way forever, you ask yourself? Will I have to develop coping mechanisms for the rest of my life?

The response is “no.” Contrary to what you may believe or what you may have been told in the past, there are hip pain treatments that can help you get back to living life as you choose.

At Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness in Minneapolis-St. Paul, we offer hip pain treatment and rehabilitation services as an option.

In Relation To Hip Pain…

You must choose a physician that has experience with your pain issue and understands how to identify the cause to find a cure. Without it, you run the danger of squandering both time and money as well as possibly escalating the issue, neither of which you want!

You’re sick of putting boundaries in place. You don’t want to be forced to take a break from the rest of the world to rest your hip. You feel cut off from life as a result of the agony.

No one should live like this!

While you might believe there isn’t a workable solution for you, we’re here to disprove that.

Before finding Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness in Minneapolis-St.Paul for hip pain treatment and rehabilitation services, we bet there were several other methods you tried that didn’t work.

Perhaps You’ve Tried…

The Reality Is…

So, you must be asking yourself, “Does this mean I’m a lost cause if I’ve tried all of these options and nothing seems to work?”

The response is “no.”

This indicates that you might profit from physical therapy services at Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness, instead.

Here, we deliver on our promise to identify the underlying cause of your hip pain issue and choose the best course of action to bring you the relief you’ve been seeking.

That’s accurate.

No more dissatisfaction. Stop making empty promises. No more wasting time trying to get relief.

With us, you’ll be able to resume your active way of life without any constraints.

How Differs Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness From the Competition?

You may be wondering the following now that you know what the best course of action is for treating your hip pain:

“Why is Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness the most effective treatment for my hip pain? Is it ultimately worthwhile? Will I achieve the desired outcomes?”

That’s correct, it is.

We at Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness will make sure that your time spent receiving physical therapy with us is worthwhile.

We don’t just offer you a few stretches or exercises to try out on your own time like other treatments do, and then send you on your way.

We collaborate with you at Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness. Helping people achieve their ultimate goal of experiencing hip pain alleviation is what drives us.

Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness in Minneapolis-St.Paul offers specific hip pain treatment plan for you and your hip pain after evaluating your condition and discussing your medical history because we are aware that no two people are the same. The person who is having hip discomfort is the only one who has it. No situation is “one size fits all.” For you and your hip pain, our personalized treatment strategies are the ideal choice.

Then, we embark on our joint journey to treat your hip pain and provide you with the relief you have been assiduously seeking.

We can guarantee that working with us will provide you with the relief you’ve been seeking. This indicates that you can return to…

We value your objectives. Together, we’ll seek relief and show you how to resume your favorite busy lifestyle.

Ask us about our availability by getting in touch with us TODAY if you’re interested in finding out more about how Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness can help you get rid of your hip discomfort and rediscover your passion for life!

Don’t let hip discomfort ruin your life any longer when there are remedies available.

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